Codes in Dipper’s Book

Okay, watching episode 1 and as Dipper’s flipping through the book something caught my eye. I freeze-framed it and this is what I found.    


Woosh, these definitely look familiar. In the bottom left hand corner of the second page, my friend and I used to use a made up code inspired by that (or at least the way it looked) to pass messages in class. XD I just wish I remembered the name of it…

They could be diagrammatic ciphers? :I They seem pretty similar.

I’m more curious about the symbols on the left page. They’re given an ENTIRE PAGE, and are in huge letters. Just seems like they’re trying to tell us something. XD But I’ve looked at several different alphabets and can’t find those symbols ANYWHERE. If anyone can find these symbols, send me info stat! :D I’ll keep looking as well and keep everyone updated.

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